Friday, January 6, 2012


A few weeks back coworker of mine mentioned in her blog how she hates when people use "lol" in chat.  At first, I did not understand why this could bother someone. Anyone who knows me, knows that all I do is laugh. I laugh at funny things, I laugh at sad things, I laugh when people yell, I laugh when I'm scared.  I laugh at everything.  To me writing "lol" is much less annoying then people who write bwahahahahaha.  Who really laughs like that? People laugh out loud, in their own way. They don't really go around saying "bwahhahaha".  And if they do, props to them. I went around for a year trying to say the word "sigh" instead of making the noise of a sigh. I was just bored and the idea came up.  Anyway well back to the topic... So I slowly started noticing that I don't really write "lol" anymore.  It feels awkward.  Out of place. I instead write "haha".  In reality I am not really going "haha" though. I have more of a giggle, and that doesn't really have a cool acronym.

Fuck acronyms. They have gotten out of control.  Do you ever read someones words and spend minutes asking yourself what the fuck FYSBIGTBABN means?  Figuring shit like that out takes more time to comprehend then the actual conversation you were having.  And now acronyms are everywhere.  They are like a disease burrowing into our heads and eating away our brains.  You can't name your project, or your band, or your child without figuring it out if the acronym work for it or not.  That can be one FUM if you ask me.

So let's chat a little about text acronyms that are actions, because IMO those are the worst offenders.

1. FML:
Those who know me, know my complaint about FML.  My car died FML.  I bought the wrong thing at the store FML.  FML I woke up late.  OMG, FML!!!  My hamburger is missing a pickle!!!!!

Because your life is so bad, and you have become so disgusted with yourself that you are telling your life to go fuck itself.  Are you dead? Living in a box? Lost everything? No.  Seriously.  A minor problem in life is not a reason to tell yourself off.   That's drama.  Funny how the people who do this are the people always asking for none.  You know what .. I change my mind. FYL.

2.  SMH:
Did you know that there are thousands of people out there who are really bobble heads?  Don't you see them bobbing their heads back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  They are so disoriented I don't even think they know why they can't stop.  It's like a working example of Newton's law of motion.  In fact, now that they can't stop bobbing, they just type "SMH" at every response even when it doesn't apply. After all, I'm sure by now they have such a headache they have to be somewhat confused, at everything, no?

3. ROFLMAO:  Damn.  I wish people would stop leaving their asses all over the place.  I'm sick of stepping on them. It's even harder when they roll around on the floor. Interestingly, some of them don't even get to that first part.  I mean if I'm going to LMAO, I think I would have more fun rolling around on the ground too!  They must not have enough energy or something. 

Ok. I'm going to admit something.  Don't laugh.  At this point I'm absolutely petrified that RME will be the next big thing.  This is because...... I do this.  ALL the time.  The worst part though. It's not only an acronym, but it's also an action.  OMG.  I feel so dirty.  TISNC.


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