Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quick Guide to Identifying Crazies

Crazy people are better then zombies. I think Hollywood is really missing out by not making more movies about crazy people. And I'm talking movies about people who really are crazy, and not just set off by cheating partners, haunted buildings, or a virus. We have all known someone in our lives who's actions merit their own feature horror or suspense novels. So come on writers out there it's time to start plugging away, so these people become entertainment, and not part of our reality.

We all have to admit there are just some people out there, who are beyond the help of therapy or medication. Unfortunately, most of us notice too late, end up making up excuses for these people, and convince ourselves that we feel bad for them.  Don't even bother to think that you don't know what I'm talking about. If you really have no idea please stop reading and rush yourself to the nearest psychiatric hospital or local writer so you can do some good instead of harm in the world. Ugh.....see there I go again feeling bad and giving you your 100th chance.  

For the rest of us, I'm writing up some rules to help spot crazies before it's too late.

Rule 1. Anyone can be a crazy. Forget the days where crazies were the only ones who actually think they are normal. While this might still apply, crazies are not stupid. They adapt and learn.  Most crazies will like most people, admit to being a little bit nuts.

Rule 2. Crazies fly solo.  Do you ever wonder why your new friend has little to no friends without a reason that makes sense to you? And yet they also seem extremely social? Crazies jump from group to group destroying friendships along the way. They can take no chances that someone will out them.  They destroy all ties with their previous circles before moving on to their next prey.

Rule 3. Crazies love to talk trash. This is a crazies number one pastime. They befriend you and jump on the chance to gossip or complain about someone else in your circle. What you don't see is that this crazy will also be talking about you behind your back.

Rule 4. Instigating, it makes others look crazy. A crazy uses the defensive properties of camouflage, and transforms it into a weapon of mass destruction. Ever fight with a friend over something stupid and not really know why? My bet is that you have a crazy hanging around.

Rule 5. My friends must be crazy, this person would never hurt me.  Darlings, this is your last sign before it's too late. If several people begin to warn you that something is off about your friend and they are worried about NOW!!!

If after reading this, and you think I wrote it about someone you may know, well then sorry to tell you but they are probably a crazy! 

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  1. I've been preaching rule #2 for years!