Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Sixteen year old Dana....

There is a blog out there called The Well Written Woman, and recently they asked their bloggers to write a blog to their 16 year old selves.  I think this is a fabulous idea, and while I am not very well written I think I would enjoy creating my own post and sharing with you.

Dear Sixteen year old Dana,

This time in your life is such an important key to becoming the person I am now, that I don't want to tell you too much.  I've learned to never have regrets, I love who I am, and I would never change a single thing.  Right now you are upset about your family, about friends, and about love. So I'm just going to try to cheer you up, because I know how horrible you feel at this moment.

Trust me when I tell you, that it doesn't get worse then this.  Yes, bad things will happen (that's life), but because of what you are going through right now... this defines you. It makes you strong, despite how sad and alone you feel. These are the moments that turn you into an artist. You are talented and you have so much to say.  Don't let anyone stop you (and someone will try).  Know that there are other mediums and ways to express your pain.  Screw those people who have just recently stopped talking to you.  It's not your fault that you can't hang out because your Dad had a stroke.  Family is important.  They are nothing. Years later you don't even remember their names. And, as the years go on you have many great friends!  Some stay, some some go, and some come back again. You have great times. I promise!

All of that energy that surrounds you.  You'll find it's purpose.  You are just starting to notice it right now, and you have no idea why it's there.  Trust me it grows into something challenging and exciting! I wish I could tell you what it is, but this is one thing that you will have to discover on your own.  Not knowing allows you to make your own path.

You won't believe me on this but of the three (or four) men you will love in your life you know two of them right now!  Ironically, it's your first love and your husband! Weird right?  

In April, an amazing boy will start sending you notes in class.  You love him with all your heart, and he loves you.  To you everything is perfect, and the world is a better place.  He gives you a hockey puck from a Devil's game and the story behind it makes your heart melt to this day.  He is your first love, and nothing that happened could ever take that away.  

And right now you have a class with your future husband! You sit next to him in programming and he lets you copy his programs and you enjoy modding them.  He tells you that he knows you from middle school, and that you used to sit behind him in 7th grade geography. You have no idea what he is talking about.  When he finds out about your boyfriend he talks to you much less. You don't understand, and this makes you a little sad.  He disappears for awhile. 

What you don't see is that he was there in 7th grade and he is there right now.  He'll be there when you run into him during the summer at the video store.  He'll be there when you guys work at the same place and you think he would be cute if he cut his hair!  He'll even be there when things look like they won't work out.  He was always there.  He'll always be there.  You love him.

And you love yourself.  No worries.

With Love,
Dana at Thirty-Four


  1. Dear 16 year old Dana -

    Dana at 34 is doing just fine! You should be proud of everything you did and everything you felt at 16, b/c it turned 34 year old Dana into the amazing woman she is today!

    Love (almost) 35 year old,

  2. What an amazing idea and what a great honest letter. In a parallel universe or some say the universe is a place where all time is one, I have a feeling that this letter got through to 16-year-old Dana and came over her as a sudden warm spiritual hug. You ARE amazing Dana and thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks ladies! That really means a lot!!!

  4. Just getting the chance to read some of your older blogs and came across this one. As someone who has seen the Dana of old and the Dana of today, I see the same great person, the same dedicated friend, the same girl who wore her heart on her sleeve, the same girl who was tough when she needed to be but never left a friend behind. It's so true that looking back helps you understand how you got where you are. I hope you are happy with the results because as a friend who has come and gone and been back in touch again, i'm happy for your successes, hopeful for your dreams, and praying for an awesome future. Good Luck Dana!